It should be easy to look after the environment

Then there are many who do

No one is proud of dirt left behind. If you are still not always behaves correctly, then most probably because they do not want trouble and circumstances.

It must not be. The ecological station AMBO is a simple and flexible solution to the dewatering and care of Kloakenab wasserhaltigem oil. Marinas can be used equally well in places such as on camping and petrol stations.

AMBO solves effectively, hygienic and odor free all aspects of the reception of sewage and waste oil. Environmental station based on a modular system, the outer casing is standard. This means that the scale and economics can be adapted to individual wants and needs. It will also say that the plant is highly futureproof.

AMBO was for his good shape with the Danish Design Award ID-IF and the German Industry awarded Form Design Award 2000.