In 2004 Bekey was founded to solve a problem that started with a simple question “All delivery personnel have cell phones, why can’t they just get in the buildings with those, instead of depending on a tenant buzzing them in?” From this question came Bekey’s first product – a Smart Lock system designed for opening the front door of apartment complexes with your phone.

In 2012 Bekey expanded beyond only providing access for delivery personnel, to also being the way for healthcare workers to access their patient’s home. This resulted in Bekey expanding its product portfolio with new solutions, centered on the health care worker.

In 2014 we won our 17th municipal tender. When we first started bidding on municipality tenders, we quickly learned that we needed to become more agile in our development, to accommodate the different requirements for each municipality. By now being able to quickly develop and test new features or products has become part of our company’s DNA.

Bekey currently have 100.000’s of door openings each month – which has taken 11 years of hard earned know-how.

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